Fast, versatile and highly compact thermal POS printers

  • Robust and reliable - to withstand extreme environments
  • PT331 model with built-in power supply
  • RS232C + USB or LAN connectivity models
  • Draw kicker driver (DKD) x 2 cash drawers.
  • Auto cutter (partial-cut) - to enable clean removal of printed receipts
  • Buzzer function for print complete notification

Perfect for demanding environments

Built with optimum driver/firmware technology together with a high speed paper feed mechanism, the PT330/PT331 are one of the fastest point of sale printers in their class.  At over 33% faster than their closest competitor and with an extremely short time to first print of just 1.95 seconds, the PT330/PT331 are ideal for busy and time critical, customer focused environments such as supermarket, pharmacy, convenience store and hotels or restaurants.


Compact and versatile

The PT330 is 13% smaller than its closest competitors and the PT331 has its own built-in power supply, both with a recess on sides of the case to neatly store interface connectors.  Not only are they designed with a small foot print, the PT330/PT331 are also extremely versatile and can be placed either horizontally or vertically and can even be wall mounted, making it a highly adaptable solution for businesses where space is at a premium.


Flexible Point of Sale printing

Despite their compact size, the PT330/PT331 can print on a variety of media types and sizes, including the standard industry paper capacity of 83mm diameter, with a paper width of either 80mm or 58mm. 


Furthermore, you are no longer restricted to a single font.  The PT330/PT331 have a choice of 3 fonts and supports both 203dpi (standard) and 180dpi (in extension mode).   They also supports nine types of 1-dimension barcodes, and 2-dimension QR codes and has a storage capacity of up to 576KB, so you can store a number of different graphics or logos within the unit. These additional features come as standard with the PT330/PT331, providing you with the ability to print the point of sale applications required for your business from receipts through to coupons and tickets with graphics and bar-codes.


Save paper and money

With the PT330/PT331, you can now cut the amount of paper used for printing resulting in a reduction in costs as well as your carbon footprint.  This can be achieved in two ways.  Firstly, by reducing the top section of a receipt that is usually left blank by back-feeding the paper after each receipt is printed.  This can save paper usage by approximately 5.7% based on printing receipts of 150mm lengths, or 3.5% based on printing receipts of 250mm lengths*

* Based on 75µm thickness, 80mm diameter roll paper.


Alternatively paper usage can be reduced through the use of a Windows driver which includes a feature to shrink the vertical print size, slashing receipt lengths by up to 50% without loss of printed information. This feature can result in up to 50% in paper cost reduction, depending on the size of receipt printed.

* Feature available only in 203dpi mode.