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Outstanding print quality, unrivalled media flexibility, ground breaking technology!
OKI pushes the boundaries of printer innovation with products that are brilliantly designed to meet the specific needs of the graphic arts market.  

Outstanding Print Quality and Colour Depth
These production printers provide the graphic arts and creative business commercial-grade, high-impact digital colour.  And with the addition of an EFI Fiery® XF server you can gain colour matching accuracy through advanced colour management including spot and process colours, optimising the colour depth and print quality needed in the graphic arts industry.

Unrivalled Media Flexibility
OKI’s graphic arts printers beat the competition hands down when it comes to media flexibility.  Our proprietary single-pass, digital LED technology enables you to print in-house on a complete range of media sizes from A6 to SRA3 and banners up to 1.3m and weights of up to 360gsm single sided and 320gsm duplex, heavier than comparable printers. 

Ground Breaking Technology 
OKI is revolutionizing digital printing with a number of industry firsts including our 5 colour printer that prints on demand all the full range of process colours, with the addition of a fifth spot colour either white or clear gloss. Previously these processes could only be achieved through the use of expensive digital or lithographic printing equipment now, it is available to any creative business or reprographics studio...on demand.  The revenue opportunities are endless

Graphic Arts Drucker

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Pro6410 NeonColor

Der professionelle A4 Neon Toner-Drucker für Transferdruck, Verpackungsdesign und POS


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A3+ Farbdrucker für professionelle Druckqualität und unübertroffene Flexibilität bei Druckmedien


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A3+ Farbdrucker mit zusätzlicher weißer Spot-Farbe für professionellen Druck auf dunklen Medien


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